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Enhance your skin’s appearance and health with Hush Glow Peel Treatment

If you are seeking a solution to helping restore youthfulness and the radiant natural glow of healthy skin, it may be time to speak to our team at Hush Beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia, about the benefits of our special Hush Glow peel treatment.

What is the Hush Glow Peel?

The Hush Glow Peel is a specialized treatment available with Dr. Rose Wong of Hush Beauty in Vancouver. This treatment is used to address the unwanted signs of aging, specifically fine lines and wrinkles, while unclogging the pores, decreasing harmful bacteria on the skin, improving acne, and calming red and irritated skin. It works alongside other resurfacing and hyperpigmentation treatments available at Hush to provide a combination that significantly enhances the skin’s appearance and health.

What should I expect during my Hush Glow Peel?

The Hush Glow Peel uses a chemical solution applied to the skin and allowed to activate for a few minutes, ensuring the treatment gets deep within the skin. Many patients experience a tingling sensation as the combination of chemicals works at exfoliating the skin. After a few layers, the chemical peel is removed from the skin, and the skin is cleansed.

What should I expect after the Hush Glow Peel?

Most patients will expect a recovery time of up to one week. The days after the peel can result in redness, peeling, flaking, and drying of the skin. These changes subside on their own as the skin is rejuvenated from deep within. Patients will want to closely follow aftercare instructions from Dr. Rose Wong to ensure proper healing and successfully manage any side effects or changes to the skin during this time.

How often do I need to undergo the Hush Glow Peel treatment?

Depending on your primary skin care concern, treatments after the initial session should occur anywhere between two to four weeks apart.

Call Hush today to learn more about the Hush Glow Peel

Vancouver, BC area patients interested in improving their skin’s health and appearance can ask Dr. Rose Wong and her team about the advantages of the proprietary Hush Glow Peel available at our facility. We encourage men and women to call the office at (604) 800-1154 to arrange an appointment with our team, conveniently located at 708-1155 Robson Street and open to new and returning patients.

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