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Double Chin

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Fatty deposits under chin affects the silhouette of a profile and blurs the definition of a desirable jawline.


Usually from weight gain, and in some people it is also hereditary. Age plays a role in causing soft tissue around the neck and chin to sag downwards over time.

Prevention and Treatment

Maintaining a stable weight through healthy lifestyle choices is important.

Treatment that works are:

  • Belkyra is an injectable fat dissolving solution that is minimally invasive and works to permanently eliminate the fatty deposits. Usually several treatments are needed
  • Morpheus 8 is an excellent and most advanced non surgical tightening and slimming option for mild to moderate underchin laxity/fullness with minimal downtime. Usually several treatments are needed for optimal results.
  • FaceTite is skin tightening procedure that is revolutionary in its ability to lift and tighten, giving surgical results without the complications, downtime or scarring of surgery.

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