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Apr 29

After investigating all of the different alternative sources to harvest growth factors– from fibroblasts, to adipose stem cells, umbilical cord, and amniotic, what is the ideal cell source to culture in order to harvest these proteins for aesthetic applications? That would be the mighty bone marrow stem cell– the most intelligent and powerful stem cell […]

Dec 16

There are several non surgical fat reduction devices on the market. Generally they can be categorized into devices that use cryolipolysis (like Coolsculpting) and laser lipolysis (like Sculpsure). Currently there’s a novel device on the market called truSculpt iD Trusculpt ID is a revolutionary new way to trim body fat.  It is not a laser, […]

Dec 16

The simplest explanation of what a stem cell is, is a cell that can either replicate itself (turning into new versions of itself), or a cell that can differentiate (turning into another type of cell or tissue). Stem cells are anything but simple– they are very complex cells and very beautiful in their ability to […]

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