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Acne is skin eruptions that is caused by inflammation of sebaceous glands and proliferation of P. acne bacteria. It can range from mild occurrence of pink bumps on the skin to sore enlarged red bumps that can be pustular or cystic in nature. Poor acne control can make the eruptions more chronic and severe, often leading to permanent scarring.


Causes of acne can be multi-factorial. Most commonly it is due to hormonal imbalance like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and cortisol. This interplay of hormones can be disrupted by factors like genetics, stress, unhealthy food choices of highly processed carbohydrates and sugars, individual food sensitivities and adverse effects of medications. Poor skin hygiene and misuse of skincare products can also exacerbate acne.

Prevention and Treatment

Modifying factors like  reducing stress, making healthy food choices, practising good skin hygiene, choosing the right skincare and seeking hormonal balancing advice from a qualified MD is most successful at eradicating acne.

Hush Beauty has many treatment options to help with acne control.

Clinical Facials

Depending on your skin needs we can customize a facial to help with your condition. Patients can often benefit from a Clinical Peel and Hydrafacial.


Customized parameters of treatment with IPL is very effective in killing acne causing bacteria P.acnes, reducing inflammation and nodules. This is a safer alternative to antibiotics or as an adjunct to certain topical medications.

Medical grade Skincare 

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